Fishing Programs

Dry Fishing: Empowering Boundless Imagination

In our unwavering commitment to uplifting young hearts, we introduced “Dry Fishing.” This innovative program is designed especially for children confined to hospital rooms and homes, who yearn to experience the thrill of casting and retrieving. With dock-sized fishing poles, children can safely practice their skills while engaging in simple games that foster not only entertainment but also the art of angling. Through “Dry Fishing,” we lay the foundation for a journey that culminates in our transformative Fishing is Relief events. Our dedicated team, led by Jake, collaborates with high school volunteers to deliver Dry Fishing kits and lessons to children in hospitals and infusion units. Witnessing the joy and anticipation in their eyes is our greatest reward, as we introduce 3 to 4 children each week to the world of Dry Fishing.

Dry Fishing In hospital/ at home

“Dry Fishing” kits are given to children in the hospital so that they can practice casting and retrieving safely from their hospital bed. Several games are shared with them to practice casting into a target and dream about the fish they will be catching soon.

Educational cards and videos are also shared with the children to help them learn about the fish and their habitats.

Fishing is Relief Events: Embracing Joy, Unity, and Respite

Multiple times a year, we orchestrate an enchanting escape for pediatric cancer families, survivors, and those who have faced loss. Nestled along a serene seawall, pier, or dock, our Fishing is Relief events transform ordinary days into unforgettable memories. Each family is paired with a compassionate angler volunteer, equipped with all the necessary supplies for a day of fishing from the land. Outdoor Nation provides sun protective hats and shirts, while fishing poles await the eager hands of children and parents alike. These gatherings transcend fishing—they become a haven where families bond, share, and find solace in the company of those who understand their journey. Amid laughter, fishing lines, and gentle camaraderie, our Fishing is Relief events are a celebration of unity and the freedom to just be a kid.

Fishing is Relief Events: Embracing Joy, Unity, and Respite

To help pediatric cancer patients and their families find some relief through fishing! Four times a year, we invite pediatric cancer families to join us at a seawall, pier or dock for a day of fishing. This event pairs each child with an experienced angler and all the fishing supplies necessary to bring in the relief. Lunch will be provided, sun protective hats and shirts provided by GILLZ Technical Fishing apparel , fishing poles for all kids and parents, courtesy of Finn’s Fighters and Southeastern Fishing Tackle and bait courtesy of Sailor Mike’s Bait & Tackle and Cooper’s Shrimp Shack, Live Shrimp, Frozen Bait and Tackle. Most of all, this is an opportunity to come together with others who share a similar battle, and just be a kid!

Inshore Fishing Trips: A Voyage of Discovery and Joy

In our quest to provide unparalleled experiences, we extend the magic of fishing onto the shimmering waters through our Inshore Fishing Trips. Led by professional, USCG licensed Captains, each family embarks on a four-hour adventure that blends angling excitement with the enchanting embrace of the sea. This voyage allows families to put their skills to the test while immersing themselves in the stunning marine environment. The thrill of searching for fish becomes a journey of discovery, an opportunity to bond, and a chance to escape the shadows of cancer. For many, these inshore trips offer a first-time encounter with sea life in all its splendor, leaving an imprint of cherished memories that transcends time. Here, families can bask in the present moment, leaving the weight of cancer behind and embracing the beauty of now.

Inshore Fishing Trip

Professional, licensed Captains take one family at a time on a 4 hour inshore fishing adventure. They get to put their skills to the test on the water searching for fish, all the while enjoying the beautiful environment, family bonding and time to just be a kid. The majority of our families have never had the opportunity to be this close to sea life. These are the moments that memories are made, and families can relax and focus on the present and not cancer.

Creating Lasting Memories Through Fishing Relief:

At Angling for Relief, we believe in the transformative power of fishing. With Dry Fishing, Fishing is Relief events, and Inshore Fishing Trips, we open doors to hope, unity, and unbridled joy. Join us on this journey, where fishing becomes a tapestry woven with the threads of resilience, compassion, and the simple pleasures of childhood.

Mission: Therapeutic Relief through Angling

Our mission is rooted in compassion and dedication. We are on a mission to provide therapeutic relief to children battling cancer through carefully crafted fishing programs. We recognize that a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and the lingering effects can be overwhelming. Our programs are designed to offer a healthy and transformative distraction—one that soothes their minds, lifts their spirits, and provides a temporary escape from the realities they face.

Through the art of angling, we aim to bring smiles, create memories, and instill a sense of normalcy that is often overshadowed by the complexities of their journey. We strive to be a beacon of hope, offering not just fishing experiences, but a haven where they can find solace, camaraderie, and moments of pure joy.

Become a part of Angling for Relief:

Every child deserves the chance to experience the magic of childhood, regardless of the battles they’re facing. At Angling for Relief, we are committed to weaving threads of happiness and respite into the fabric of their lives. With our specialized fishing programs, we hope to turn moments of uncertainty into memories of joy, and to inspire a sense of strength and unity that fuels their fight against cancer.

Together, we restore childhood’s sparkle, one fishing experience at a time.